Reyonce’s Makeup 101 {No-Makeup Look}

I never used to be a daily make-up wearer. Most of this came from some stubborn determination that I could go without, that perhaps I’d be less awesome if I had to slather my face in makeup. This, of course, is the most absurd notion a person could have, as you should put whatever the hell you want on your face to make you feel like a boss-ass bitch.

When I segued into finally wearing makeup everyday, which took finding good products and a job to motivate me to slap it on, I quickly found that what I want everyday is much more minimal that what I want on, say, a femme fatale photo shoot.

I like to go with an easy contour, dark lashes, bright eyes, and a moisturized pout. Of course, to look like I barely have anything on, it takes all of these products:



As per usual, I try to keep things natural or at least beneficial to my face, which is why you’ll see more skin-friendly and/or natural and/or expensive brands on my shelf. The investment means not having to dump out 34 foundations that sort of worked, but made me break out in the middle of my forehead like an 11-year-old. The cheapest thing pictured is my $1 neutral palette I’ve since replaced with the bangin’ NAKED2 palette.

Steps to this look:
1. Moisturize. As you know from this entry, I normally use an oil or a cream.
2. Spot treat. Cover up any super obvi imperfections with my salicylic acid foundation to tag-team the situation, and occasionally zap the circles under my eyes, too.
3. LIGHT overall powder coverage.
4. Somewhat intense contouring with my bronzer. Depending on the look, I’ll add more or less, or leave it blended or unblended. It’s all subjective, baby.
5. HEAVY overall finishing powder.
6. Highlight with my highlighter stick. If I can’t find it, I use the lightest color in my neutral palette, normally a white!
7. Set the hell out of that shit with the world’s best makeup setter on the planet!


At this point, your face will be done. It’ll look like the above photo, only probably more put together since I just did this for y’all on a whim. I know, you’re moved. I feel the tears, too.

8. Line lip with extremely close-to-lip-color lipstick.
9. Line eyes with gray liner to keep them shiners poppin’.
10. Mascara all the lashes! Well, except the bottom ones. Don’t ever touch those unless you’re doing something the MOST hardcore.
11. Finish with a light glossing of salve on the lips and VOILA!



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