www. Wednesday

+ Some helpful tips on how to motivate yourself, or at least steps to take to BEGIN motivating yourself, over on The Nectar Collective.

+ Just in case you haven’t basked in the glory of the newest installment, here’s the third Marcel the Shell with Shoes On video for your viewing/life pleasure!

+ This post from one of my faves {a pair & a spare} about a DIY marble photo background inspired me to create some of my own versions of creative photo backgrounds for the blog. Pix/entry to come soon!

+ Another entry about blog-spiration, this time from World of Wanderlust since I’m trying so very hard to get my head back in the game!

+ So psyched about having this Superhero Movie Timeline so I can create all kinds of countdowns and parties. #fangirl

+ Science figures out the best way to learn all of Queen Bey’s dance moves, something I know we’re all yearning to do.

+ And finally, the Internet freaks out because a grown woman (KimKW) shows her body on the cover of Paper magazine. This was going to be a regular www. Wednesday, but as soon as I saw famous people and people I know–namely women–calling Kim out for her decision to pose for the magazine sans clothes, I knew I had to speak up. Are we serious? Are we only comfortable beating each other down? Whether it’s your aesthetic or not, Kim’s got a bod worth showing off, and it’s up to her if she lets us see it or not. Saying she’s someone’s mother as a way to rationalize your jealously and indoctrinated patriarchal views about sex? NOT OKAY. Women are allowed to be mothers AND be sexual. Women are allowed to do what they want with their bodies, period. P.S. I don’t know if you noticed, but on the shot of Kim from the back, I have spotted several of her psoriasis spots which means she did this at least somewhat sans Photoshop.


THAT’S BRAVE! Stick together, ladies. We have enough people telling us what to do with our bodies; let’s not do it to each other, k?



  1. I’m not much of a celebrity fan, period, but I am in complete agreement with you on the Kim issue. Honestly her celebrity or the lack thereof matters not a whit to me. The fact that we as a culture are slut-shaming her for having the audacity to be both sexual and maternal (SHOCKING!) is despicable. Women are many things. We are lovers, sisters, mothers, daughters, CEOs, doctors, scientists, teachers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, dancers, and every other possible thing under the sun. What we are NOT is limited. So amen, KK. Do you, girl.

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