Master Bathroom Makeover: Phase 1

When we first moved in, the house was in pretty good condition. Buuuuut we couldn’t help but want to make it “us,” so there’s STILL a lot of painting we want to do and additions we want to make. After a ton of moving (think around 40 moves total) between us, we know we should take our time picking the perfect colors/furniture/etc. rather than just slapping a bunch of crap into our house and saying “GREAT!” We’re not 19 in our first college apartments anymore; this ain’t our first rodeo, ya know?

When I move, I move in stages – THREE to be exact. There is the preliminary unpacking/ cleaning/sorta organizing stage where I get it homey enough to not want to hide under a comforter all day. I will ONLY ever show you this stage as a BEFORE picture (see below), so phase 1 is actually step 2 (DURING), and phase 2 is actually the final step (AFTER). KEEP UP, OKAY?! The second stage, the stage I’ll show you today, is the “Alright, let’s get it TRULY organized and start brainstorming schemes.” Sometimes I even work on the schemes during this stage, but it’s a rarity.

Here’s where we were in step one aka BEFORE:IMG_4581.JPGNow we’re in phase 1 (step 2) of the moving in process. This is my “here, I baked you a cake, but I royally fucked up the icing, so come back for the real-deal next week” phase aka DURING:IMG_3971.JPGTo segue from our bedroom, we’re keeping it simple with adding white and black (our bedroom colors) to the already installed brownness of everything in this house (and every other rental house on the planet. Is this some horrific, unspoken rule!?). We kept the shower curtain-free to make the room seem bigger AND so the space wouldn’t feel fabric’ed down since we’d already added this amazing Ikea curtain to cover the large, but awkwardly placed and ugly, shelving space.IMG_3972.JPG



Hopes for phase 2: white paint, organizational bins in the storage space, and {hopefully} a more bright and welcoming floor aka ANYTHING BUT BROWN/SWINE/TAN/WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND YOUR HOUSES, AMERICA?!

For phase 2 aka “AFTER”, check back soon! There will even be… GASP!… quality photos from the DSLR.



  1. EVERYTHING built in the 70s has either brown shit or brown shit plus horrible fake wood paneling, and sometimes, if you’re very very unlucky, split pea soup vomit-hued shag carpeting. It’s a national disease. I think of it as architectural syphilis.

    1. Hahaha you are on fire with this comment. SO accurate! I HATE that wood paneling so much that it makes me violent. I draw the line at that vomit-INDUCING shag, though. I’d pay an undetermined amount of $ to avoid it!

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