A Change’ll Do Ya Good

Hey-o! Look around! Things look different, eh? A little bit spruced up (no Christmassy pun intended)? I hope you like the changes because they’re for you. Okay, and me. I change my blog like I change my outfits. And why shouldn’t I? Change is good, especially in a crazy competitive blog category like lifestyle… especially when you don’t fit in. I’m kind of that wonky, warped-by-water puzzle piece that completes the picture, but doesn’t quite fit the way it should.

The thing about being a lifestyle blogger is you’re supposed to fit in to the popular lifestyle of the time in order to get views. Though I truly adore my predecessors, most of them my inspiration and role models, I just don’t live the same life. Some of it is because I don’t have the means to, but a lot of it is that I’m just a different kind of gal. Yeah, I love clean eating and cutesy-DIY’ing, but I also dig my own boho kinda fashion, geek culture, and crude language/humor. The two don’t always mix, but that’s my niche. That’s my truth, my actual lifestyle (which is why it’s not always picture perfect).

Though I have dreams of evolving my life and the blog that captures it, it’s gonna take time. It’s going to involve trial and error, especially on the health/nutrition section of my blog as I try to figure out what mystery illness is plaguing my body, and what will work best for that illness once I find answers.

Things may look a little different over time as I try to hone my craft and my blog, but Reyonce will always be Reyonce. I learned to live with that a long time ago, and now it’s something I kind of love not being able to change. I can’t wait until I find the people who’ve been looking for me. I’ve been looking for you, too!


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