Must-Have: Makeup Setter


I have long stated my distaste for waterproof makeup, as well as a non-matte finish on my face. I think the strain WP makeup puts on your skin when you scrub hastily to remove it isn’t worth it in the long-run, and anything that isn’t matte in life – liquid leggings excluded – just seems tacky. NO GLOSSY FACE FOR ME!

But, as all makeup wearers can testify to feeling the same, I got really damn tired of my eyeliner running down past my cheekbones and my mascara flaking off like some kind of evil face dandruff, so one day when I wandered into Sephora to re-up on my usual foundation, I grabbed some makeup setter in a travel size. I hadn’t done any prior research, so I just went with my own experience to pick out what brand I’d start off with;Make Up Forever has had some misses for me, but for the most part, they’re a hit brand for my face, so I started there, expecting not to be too impressed. I mean, I felt like the idea of spraying something WET onto something DRY to set it is bizarre. (I think I forgot about hairspray in my always-present cynicism.)

However, from the MOMENT I tried it, I fell so, so in love. Now I can wear my non-damaging, natural (sort-of) make up all day long AND keep it matte and moisturized thanks to this granddaddy of makeup setters. It smells good (to me; J hates it) and dries quickly. It’s also light on the face, and the cool mist is refreshing no matter what time of year or day.

I now have a massive bottle AND a travel bottle I never let leave my side. We’ll probably be together forever, just like the brand says.


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