Little DIY: Photo Backdrops

A while ago, I posted a link to a project I found on another blog {a pair & a spare} about how to make cheap, yet amaze looking, photo backdrops. Considering my lack of pretty places to take photos in this ‘chere house, I started right away.


I took her advice and used contact paper for two, the floral of which you’ve seen featured on the Must-Have entries, and the other is waiting for a new feature to drop before it appears. I also sprung for a slightly more expensive oak board that I kept plain because of its amazing color and pattern. That one has yet to make its debut here, and I’m not sure when it will… but it will.

The fourth board I got was a peg board with the intention to paint it the whitest white. It took a while, but I finally found a small-sized, super-white paint sample and got to crafting every night after work.


Now I have FOUR photo backgrounds for the cost of around $14… and half of that was the PAINT! Little DIY on the cheap? I can digs.


What little DIYs have y’all done lately? Any suggestions for Reyonce? xo


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