Must-Have: All-In-One Makeup


Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

We’ve all heard of it. Less of us have tried it, but those of us who have, LOVE IT! It’s, like, $7-8 bucks at Sephora? I don’t remember. It’s CHEAP, though, because I bought this tin in August/September and am SO far away from having to get another. BONUS: It’s as natural as purchased makeup gets.

This salve adds instant moisture and shine (with a bit of a natural, pink tint) to your lips. The pro to this is it makes them POP aka look bigger. Loves it. BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART! When you’re done applying the smelly-good gel of the gods, you can rub in the leftover parts into your hands; I always aim for my cuticle of whatever finger I used to apply that morning. Bam, instant two-in-one!

But after a while, I was like “Hey, I can totally put this on my eyelids, too, right? To make them shine a bit, pop ’em out so I look more awake?” And though I was worried my lids would start sticking to my brow, of course, Rosebud delivered again. It was the perfect amount of shine and moisture without supergluing two separate parts of my face together.

Another morning, I forgot the highlight step in my on-the-reg contour job. I will skip steps here and there to save time, but that’s one I NEVER miss because it makes me look less like a homeless Rip Van Winkle. So I just glossed on the salve where I would have used my highlighter, and while it wasn’t as bright, it definitely made me look more awake. It caught the light as it was supposed to, and again, all without clogging pores or sticking facial parts together that don’t belong.

I bet there are a million other ways to use this gem of a makeup, and I haven’t found them all, but isn’t that the fun part? An $8 tin and the journey. Mm.

P.S. I used Rosebud to tame my flyaways one afternoon. Try iiiitttttt!



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