Mystery Solved? Part I

Last time on Serial… okay, I’ve already broken my promise of not making any podcast-based jokes. Nah, but forreal, LAST TIME ON REYONCE (or technically a few times ago), I talked about finally finding some clues in the long-running investigation of myself.

“You have a B-12 deficiency.”

I had to stop myself from laughing as I sputtered out “What?! I take a B-complex every day and drink like, 9 Red Bulls a week!!!”

Doc told me that still wasn’t enough, and I needed to get at least 1,000 mcgs a day to remedy the situation. I kinda wanted to cry, but laugh at the same time, since it was something so simple. I also wanted to punch every doctor who had never tested me before.

A week or so later, I was on the floor of my dad’s house with my Bonus Mom, talking about the diagnosis. She kept trying to think of a term, one that meant “SUPER B12 DEFICIENCY” from her many years of nursing! My grandma had apparently had this issue, so she was curious. Finally, she remembered.


I immediately googled it and kind of morbidly laugh-cried as I read a long, long, LONG list of symptoms I’d been suffering from for yeeeaaaarrrssss. I listed them off to her and she was all “YUP! THAT’S YOU!”

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Since then, I’ve been trying to work on my health overall, especially by taking my mega-b12 supp every day. Problem is, it seems it’s not quite working. So here I am, rolling off the end of another missed day of work thanks to the following side effects of pernicious anemia. Le sigh:

-Depression + brain fog
-Higher susceptibility to infections (aka THESE FRESHMEN NEED TO BATHE)
-General muscle weakness
-Other random things like sore tongue, tender calves, tingling/numbness, etc.
-Did I mention FATIGUE?!!?!?

And now thanks to further research, I realize I’ll probably have to get a series of b12 injections over a few weeks in order to get my levels back up because my body isn’t absorbing the b12, hence the deficiency in the first place. And hey, it may have to be repeated from time to time, but maybe at least I won’t continue to feel (AND LOOK) like a walking corpse.

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, general bodily pain, a weakened immune system, and propelling down what seems to be an endless exhaustion tunnel, ask for this blood panel. After suffering for approx 9 years from these symptoms, this is the ONLY time I was ever, ever, everrrrrr tested. It seems like a horrendous oversight, and I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I did.

Next time, I’ll reveal how I finally found a doctor (NOT. A. WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC!) who would give me b12 for, you know, real reasons. Signing off on this installment on the Mystery of Me.


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