Lust List: For the Bod

Other than a major thirst for beauty products lately, I’ve been on a binge for bettering my body. Of course, I have to up my water intake and shake off the SAD and exercise, but in the mean time, these are the things I’m lusting after to “fake it ’til I make it.”

1. Extreme Waist Trainer by Primadonna


2. Embrocation cream for bare, yet warm, winter legs!


3. ALL the bralettes! To feel sexay, YAKNO?!


4. A Fitbit Charge, mostly to track my sleep, and hopefully up my movement daily until it’s swim time again!




5. Major skin revamp, via Fraxel or something, erry’where. This winter has seriously done some damage, even with constant moisturizing!

6. Commando half-slip for keeping my little puffs hidden ’til they’re gone.


7. My tried and true Saka Fitness DVD. This will get me back on track faster than any of the above. Let’s dance the winter off!



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