Style: Spring Break LBD

Hey ya’ll.

Been a while since I’ve had ANY style posts up, but now that the weather is warming up, so is my fashion inspo. In the meantime, I’m teaming up with the lovely folks at to bring you some Spring Break fashion, Little Black Dress style!

I’m OBSESSED with black dresses, and my closet overfloweth with them. That didn’t stop me from nabbing a few frocks from Dailylook’s LBD section (A WHOLE SECTION… CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT A DREAM OF ORGANIZATION THIS IS FOR MY OCD?!) because I firmly believe a gal can NEVER have too many black dresses 😉

Spring Break LBD
Spring Break LBD by ranoel featuring Prada
{Click link to board for purchasing links for any products you like!}

This look is a transitional one for those partially cold days we’ll experience off and on ’til May here in the South.

Enjoy your Spring Break, everyone! I’m en route to my destination as you read for a little relaxation after a long winter.

Thanks to for being an awesome partner. All opinions, especially about little black dresses, are my own.


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