procrastinating and fangirling late at night
The Blogger:
I relish in all kinds of weirdness. My life revolves around things like Tom Hiddleston’s being, endless desserts, and cheap champagne. I still use the oxford comma, nerd out over almost everything, and self-deprecate and self-love daily. My perfect dinner party would be planned by Tori Spelling, have the Parks and Rec cast on the guest list, and end with a Mariokart contest. I would win.
The Blog:
I started blogging years ago and held down The “I’m Gonna Do That” Girl for almost three years before realizing my personal evolution meant my blog needed one, too. What you’ll find here is the life of a girl who loves a lot about a lot. My last blog was about doing what you say; this blog is just about doing, about living your own perfect lifestyle. There will be fashion, photos, fangirling, adventures, beauty & health tips, various crafty projects, and everything beyond and in between. Kick your feet up and stay a while! But you have to BYOB…
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