Style + Beauty: Wedding Season

Pump the breaks, y’all. This little lady is no where close to getting married. However, as a style and beauty obsessed human from, like, BIRTH (baby Dior is a thing), I often obsess over the perfect pairing for that day, even if that day is 50 years from now. I’m not in any rush 😉 Besides, I get to look over the gorgeous wedding dresses at Loverly for longer, so I’m sure I’ll find the perfect one when I need it!

Since wedding season is basically here (or right around the corner depending on your locale), I thought I’d throw out some style + beauty looks for any brides-to-be who may need some inspiration.

Look 1 // Open Back Blues:

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 2.11.23 PM

My favorite type of ANY dress is one with an awesome back design, cutout, or no back at all. You won’t be surprised, then, to see that my first pick is an open-backed dress by Lea-Ann Belter. Go to her site to see the delish open back! I thought this lovely dress would be so, so complimented by shades of blue.

Open Back Blues
Open Back Blues by ranoel featuring a maybelline mascara
{Click the photo to find links for all products on Polyvore}

Look 2 // Trendy:

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 2.41.53 PM

As a woman who will probably only get married in white if EVERYONE is wearing white (yeah, I wanna white-out my wedding, WHAT OF IT?!), this more trendy and updated dress is more in my zone. There were {literally} one, two, three, four, … FIVE others I wanted to pick, but the Temperley London gown won due to its fierceness factor. Due to the sheer force of this dress, I went way, way down with the beauty to the basics.

Trendy by ranoel featuring an eyebrow kit
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Look 3 // Classic Beaut:

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 1.04.51 PM

This Monique Lhullier dress is simple and chic from top to bottom, and there would be no other way than to pair it with the classics beauty-wise!

Classic Beaut
Classic Beaut by ranoel featuring nars cosmetics
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Thanks to my partner, Loverly, for inspiring this post. For someone who does this for a living on Pinterest all day long, you gave a girl an outlet. All thoughts and opinions on fashion, as usual, are my own… and always will be 😉


Style: Spring Break LBD

Hey ya’ll.

Been a while since I’ve had ANY style posts up, but now that the weather is warming up, so is my fashion inspo. In the meantime, I’m teaming up with the lovely folks at to bring you some Spring Break fashion, Little Black Dress style!

I’m OBSESSED with black dresses, and my closet overfloweth with them. That didn’t stop me from nabbing a few frocks from Dailylook’s LBD section (A WHOLE SECTION… CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT A DREAM OF ORGANIZATION THIS IS FOR MY OCD?!) because I firmly believe a gal can NEVER have too many black dresses 😉

Spring Break LBD
Spring Break LBD by ranoel featuring Prada
{Click link to board for purchasing links for any products you like!}

This look is a transitional one for those partially cold days we’ll experience off and on ’til May here in the South.

Enjoy your Spring Break, everyone! I’m en route to my destination as you read for a little relaxation after a long winter.

Thanks to for being an awesome partner. All opinions, especially about little black dresses, are my own.

Retail Therapy

This morning, I woke up feeling an extra pound of exhaustion on me for no particular reason, unless that particular reason is life. I laid around, catching up on telly, before finally deciding to get up and get to work on the house. The problem was, I needed more caffeine.

I ran out to the store up the street, ready to start my productive Saturday, only to nearly curb my car because a woman in a tiny Ford somehow took up ALL THE SPACE! I knew everything would be fine with a sugar splurge and a mega dose of the c-stuff, but of course, when I walked up to the door, there was the world’s most infuriating sign. “CASH ONLY. Sorry for the inconvenience!” I made an audible harrumph that was supposed to somehow express how much I didn’t believe their apology and swung back into my car with probably an inappropriate level of anger.

As I had errands to run, I figured I’d just stay out and head to Target to pick up what I needed, treating myself with one or two items with that 5% RED CARD DISCOUNT, WHUDDUP!??!

I started by being “smart,” looking for winter-based work items I needed before I found a section of Marvel shirts and threw almost all of them in my cart. I slowly built a pyramid of more items in my cart, because more and more people started jumping in front of me, acting like massive suckages of human space. The longer I shopped, the more reasons the people around me (and their slow movements or rude cart placement or their screaming children or their bad manners or…) gave me to add another clearance item to my pile.

I started to feel guilty. I needed a pair of winter flats and hadn’t even made it to the shoes yet. I thought “Retail therapy isn’t even real! Stop what you’re doing and put all of this shit back. YOU WILL REGRET THIS DAY FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!” P.S. This only prompted me to put one item back.

I finally wound my way to the shoe aisle(s) and instantly found, like, three pairs of loafers I needed wanted. As I was walking further into the shoe tunnel and shopping guilt, a cute, old associate stopped me and asked me if I wanted to buy the pair of boots in his hand.

“They’re only $10,” he said.

“Ah, I’m here for flats. I already have enough boots. TOO many probably!”

“No such thing. You can never have too many shoes!” he said before wandering away to put them elsewhere.

I smiled to myself and kept looking at warm options for my toesies. I was thinking about how much he’d relieved the stress I’d had when he popped around the corner of the new aisle I was in.

“Good thing you didn’t want those boots. We don’t even sell them in our store! Some teenager brought them back to the wrong place!”

I made some poor retort–I was still feeling sorry for myself–as he walked up and inspected my cart.

“Oh, are you getting these? I saw someone just try them on. They’re nice.”

“Thank you!”

“I’m tellin’ you, I could just shop forever. My wife and I went to the Mall of America, you know, in Minnesota, and WOO BOY!”

I asked him how long he stayed.

“A WEEK!” He laughed. “Well, at least it felt like one. It was like a vacation! I’m tellin’ you, I could outshop any woman. I love picking out women’s clothes, even china. My wife told me she’d never met a man that had gone shopping for china.”


He laughed, and it felt good. I was finally starting to feel genuinely enriched by our conversation.

“I truly believe you can never do too much shopping,” he added.

“I’m right there with you! Maybe to a detriment.”

“Well, it can really be therapeutic, too,” he said as he smiled knowingly and walked off.

This jolly customer service man had somehow known what I needed to hear. For a second, I wanted to chase him down and ask him the winning lotto numbers for this week. Instead, though, I let him disappear to hopefully help another customer with his comforting word.

I had felt so angry, not only due to the events of the day, but mounting frustration from months of tiny things snowballing. He reminded me that retail therapy really can be just that sometimes: therapy. While there’s a (very) thin border between shopaholism and the former, it’s okay to just spend on yourself sometimes.

So I stopped feeling guilty and added everything I wanted to my cart. And you know what? I left feeling so much lighter and perhaps a bit rejuvenated. To boot, I actually came home with more than a few functional items. I even cleaned the house like I’d intended.

What’s your go-to therapy on a bad day?


November Wishlist

This month, I’m honing in on all things cozy and homey! {Purchase links are below.}November Wish List

Old Navy faux coat

Old Navy zip vest

Butter London black lipstick
$52 –

Silver mirror
$470 –

Black home decor

Style: MK Business

Sometimes you just have a day where you want to dress up at work. Sometimes you just have a day where all your students think you’re wearing mostly black for a funeral. Sometimes you just have to say “THIS IS MICHAEL KORS!”


Sometimes you just have to cover up the silky top because the fall chill is finally creeping in. Sometimes you’re just so busy you can’t change out of your work clothes before you take the dogs for a walk. Sometimes you don’t get the best pictures of your outfits.


But all the time, you love what you wear because you wear it for yourself.


{blazer – h&m} // {blouse – michael kors, my go-to for feeling comfy and sexy, ON SALE at Stylistic Theorem!} // {skirt – consigned} // {flats – old navy}

Style: Chanel & Cocktails

My friend J recently started her own realty firm through Better Homes and Gardens. We shot into the city for a cocktail party and goodies. I felt like going somewhat casual without bringing down the cocktail vibe that would be going on, so I rocked my most elegant sweatshirt and newest nude pumps with my usual basic favorites.








IMG_4418.JPG{Chanel sweatshirt – FOR SALE at Stylistic Theorem}  // {trench coat – altuzarra for target} // {jeans – old navy} // {shoes – sam edelman} // {rings – nordstrom + world market}




Style: #tbt

Yesterday, we had a school-mandated #tbt for spirit week, so I took the opportunity to rock my flowiest clothes and throw it back to the 60s/70s. I also went with minimal makeup and some flats I adore!





{shirt — vintage, straight from Mom’s closet} // {wide leg pants — elevenses} // {sandals — dolce vita} // {bracelet — earthbound} // {headband — claire’s}

Style: Columbus Day

I’m not one to celebrate a murderous, greedy Italian,—YOU SHAME US, CHRIS!—but when a theme day comes around at work, I’m not one to pass it up.



I went red and blue using vintage Ralph Lauren silk, suede heels, and one of my favorite necklaces from San Fran’s Chinatown.




{blouse — thrifted vintage Ralph Lauren} // {pixie pants — old navy} // {heels — michael antonio} // {necklace — boutique in SF Chinatown} // {heart ring — claire’s}

Style: Transition

Summer seems to want to keep its humid grasp on fall this year, so I’ve been finding myself needing to prepare through careful transitional layering.





{crop top — Nordstrom Rack} // {skirt — thrifted} // {cashmere cardigan — thrifted Gap} // {boots — freebies!} // {sunnies — lucky penny}

Style: Fall Wedding

Last weekend, J and I had the pleasure of camping out and celebrating for his best friend’s birthday in the first fully-fall weekend here in NC. It was beautiful, and the occasion called for a just-right outfit.






Don’t worry. About an hour later, I was rocking the grey fleece-lined leggings I brought. Good thing, too, because we camped during the first frost of the year!


Much love to J & K in their new journey!

{dress — consigned Everly} // {capelet — sheinside} // {boots — limelight} // {sunnies — old navy}