How-To: Things I Want to Learn

There are a lot of how-to’s I can already do, or sorta know how to do. This rendition, however, is a list of things I vie to know how-to and hopefully can share my learned skills with y’all along the way. And let’s be honest, share those super fails, too.

1. Sew. Let’s start with the basic button.

2. Recall how to tie a tie… because I used to be baller at it.

3. Handle the hardware aspects of home decor, like anchoring screws in the wall, etc.

4. Weaving for decorative purposes, like this awesome negative space piece!

5. Start making 75% of my beauty products at home, like these coconut oil products, and eventually sell them!

6. To get my damn lipstick to stop smudging.

What are your goals right meow? Let me know in the comments!


Little DIY: Photo Backdrops

A while ago, I posted a link to a project I found on another blog {a pair & a spare} about how to make cheap, yet amaze looking, photo backdrops. Considering my lack of pretty places to take photos in this ‘chere house, I started right away.


I took her advice and used contact paper for two, the floral of which you’ve seen featured on the Must-Have entries, and the other is waiting for a new feature to drop before it appears. I also sprung for a slightly more expensive oak board that I kept plain because of its amazing color and pattern. That one has yet to make its debut here, and I’m not sure when it will… but it will.

The fourth board I got was a peg board with the intention to paint it the whitest white. It took a while, but I finally found a small-sized, super-white paint sample and got to crafting every night after work.


Now I have FOUR photo backgrounds for the cost of around $14… and half of that was the PAINT! Little DIY on the cheap? I can digs.


What little DIYs have y’all done lately? Any suggestions for Reyonce? xo

Little DIY: Necklace Rack

I started making these necklace racks last year. I’ve since made a vertical one to join my horizontal one, but don’t have photos during the moving chaos that has exploded in my apartment.


It’s as simple as finding your preferred tacks and hammering them into the burlap “canvases.” I prefer the classic metal tack, but I wouldn’t mind trying these Nate Berkus push pins I saw last time I was wandering aimlessly around Target (trying not to buy everything). I also want to give a shot at spray painting the top with some unique Atzec prints!

Unfortch, not everyone has the same love for the c-word as I do.

Unfortch, not everyone has the same love for the c-word as I do.

The burlap canvas is a whole other entry itself, but you can buy them pre-made if you’re low on time! I’ve done it myself, that’s for sure. These are great for displaying art (like in my gallery wall) or turning into frames (as I’ve done for gifts for my friends). Expect to see more detailed and better photographed versions of these little DIYs in the very-near future!!

Little DIY: Waste Basket

Due to the overwhelming pressure of Pinterest, and yes, lifestyle bloggers like myself, we’re often led to feel inadequate when we can’t perfectly DIY all the things, all the time. That led me to the idea of featuring the little DIYs I accomplish almost daily, ones that I myself overlook in search for the bigger picture.

But you know what? I often find that I love the little projects and spaces more than the larger ones. So here’s to celebrating little spaces and little victories!

First up: notice anything unappealing about my kitchen? I mean, other than the gaudy 70s brown everywhere (that I’m not allowed to alter – ah!) and the florescent lighting.


and yes, I have since straightened Chewy (the painted sloth).

I’ll give you a hint:


This swine-colored trash can makes me want to vomit. I don’t like too much plastic in my house to begin with because I’d rather invest in wood or metal pieces that will stay with me for the long haul, as well as keep the environment a little less screwed. BUT, as obvious from my habits such as thrifting, I’m not a girl to turn down something cheap or free. This waste bin was the latter.

Spray painting it was my first instinct, but as I don’t really have a good area to spray paint, I knew that was out. That was when I remembered my stash of everyone’s best friend: contact paper.


I whipped up a free-hand design, but you could use helpful patterns like these free printable stencils on Pinterest OR buy your own elsewhere. It’s really a free-for-all.


I’m sure I could have used a stencil to make the typography on this little DIY a bit more cohesive and crafty, but you know what? I like a little bit of whimsy.


I simply peeled off the protective back of my contact paper-cutout and stuck it right on my waste bin.DSC_0336

There, isn’t that better? Chewy approves.