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Why It’s Okay to Invest In Yourself

I recently have made purchases or general actions that have left some folks guessing.

“Can you afford that?”
“Is that smart?”
“Why couldn’t you move to B instead of A?”

Well, I could just say eff those people, but I don’t think they mean me ill will; I simply think they just don’t understand the concept and benefits behind investing in yourself.

Now, I’m not talking about making random, small purchases of shit you don’t need or impulse buys you’ll only end up regretting. I’m talking about staple pieces of any category that will serve one purpose only: bettering yourself and your brand.

Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference, so here are some questions you should use to approach each of these investment pieces:

1.) Will I make my money back?
No matter the item, there are ways to get the money back you spent. New dress gets you that job you wanted? Paid for. Those pillowcases show up on a blog entry that gets you tons o’ traffic? Paid for again. You see the pattern — use it!

2.) Will this item improve at least two areas of my life?
It’s simple: investment pieces need to multitask. Your new birthday outfit needs to be able to turn into a work outfit with a cardi or leggings, etc. Any new furniture needs to double as storage space (or have the ability to do so). Two areas of your life or MORE need to see some return from your purchase.

3.) Will this last for more than a season?
Is the item quality? Simply put, better materials, no matter the item, last longer. Your wallet might hurt for a moment, but it will ultimately cost you the same, if not more, to keep buying that same item made of cheaper materials.

4.) Will this further my personal brand positively?
Sometimes an item will only meet one of the above criteria, but you still feel compelled to buy that new tablet or pair of shoes. If you can assure yourself that your purchase will increase the brand you’ve made for yourself, whether you’re a blogger or a fitness instructor or a lawyer, than the purchase is a credible one. After all, the more valuable your personal brand, the more likely questions 1-3 will be applicable to the purchase later down the road!

5.) Will this benefit my self-worth and overall growth?
Most importantly, can you grow using this investment? That’s what putting money in now is all about: return with interest. Will you be able to find more financial freedom with this item? Will you be able to set up your dream job? Will you be able to come out at the end with more than you put in? Should the answer be yes, you’ve got yourself a piece worthy of purchase!

Make sure at least three of these questions apply to any investment in yourself to ensure you feel no regret and find true worth in your purchases.

And if anyone doubts you? Hand ’em your card so they can call you when you’ve finished building your empire. It’s up to you whether you answer or not 😉

Here are some of my recent investment pieces. What are yours?