www. Wednesday

Blogger edition!! I’m suffering from major SAD, which is super quelling my writing. My solution has been a lot of reading, so I can cultivate ideas until the winter blues let up. These articles have also helped. Good luck, blogger fam! ❤

+ Chapter Friday’s advice on digging out of a blogging dip // finding motivation again.

+ TSC’s biz plan for those of you who are budding entrepreneurs like myself.

+ Hello Neverland’s recipe for creative productivity.

+ Queen of Jetlags speaks to my heart here with how to be an ORGANIZED blogger, probably the MOST vital key to succeeding. Organize first, then the writing will just come.

+ Couture Girl offers up some great advice about how to grow your audience positively.

+ Another Queen of Jetlags piece about how to invest in your blog without spending too much dough, something I need to learn because I will quickly drop money into this as it’s my passion. Learning to hold back will help.

+ Elle & Co. offers some quick advice on how to find your niche, which frankly, I still struggle with!

My advice? LOTS of french-pressed coffee!


26 Gonnas for 26: Numbers 1 and 7

1. Wake up with the sun at least 180 days over the next year.

I put the cart before the horse on this gonna before realizing what I wanted to gain out of this experience was not necessarily seeing the sun rise every morning (though it would be nice), but merely becoming a morning person; waking up at 8 a.m. gladly on a Saturday, if you will. So while I haven’t woken up with the sun 180 days this year, I have gotten up early for as many of those days, each one closer and closer to the sun rise, spending more of my hours in the faded light of the very early morning than at any other point in my life. And yeah, I can happily say that more than a few doses of sunrise were thrown into the mix. Here’s to not forgetting to see the sunrise every now and again, but here’s to getting what I truly wanted: a sunny morning disposition that has become habit instead of exception.


Early morning granola!

7. Write one blog every week!

I know it hasn’t been a year yet since I made my 26 Gonnas for 26 list, so you might be wondering how I accomplished this feat. Well, if you remember from the 26 for 26 pulse check, I decided to change the goal a bit: write 52 blog entries period — regardless of when or how often. This allowed me to feel less pressure and have more freedom to post five blog entries one week, then none for the following two.

I’m happy to say, however, that I have surpassed the goal of 52 blog entries in a year with 55, and still have over two months to keep blogging my heart out. I do wonder what the final number of entries will end up being (and will surely update my readers), but it ultimately won’t matter. I’m glad to say that the purpose of this gonna was to get me writing more, and it has done its job. I’m at these keys more than I have been in a long time, and now that I am, I can’t see myself stopping again anytime soon!