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Happy half-way through day, ladies and gents! Links for your perusing pleasure…

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+ As everyone here knows, I can get pretty political and impassioned when people are being wronged… but instead, I will just leave this gorgeous series of photos of the prayer chain in Charleston here, because I need–and maybe you to do–to focus on the positive for a while. It’s absolutely stunning what people can do when they work together.

+ A lot of people these days say reading is a waste of time, or boring, or insert other moronic excuse here. GOOD NEWS, LIT LOVERS: WE DA HAPPIEST!

+ I’m 114% positive I have thought this type of malpractice was going to happen to me before because I KNOW MY BODY, but doctors think I’m crazy. Doctors let this poor girl die because they didn’t take her seriously, and I am so proud of her mother for making a public effort to change that in the face of losing her gal. Brava, lady.

+ I’m intuitive and introverted (with a pesky outgoing personality), and this is why you think I’m totally bonkers.

+ Back to that whole book thing mentioned above: if you need a summer reading list, Refinery29’s got you! I also have a massive stack beside my bed I could roll-call for you, but I’m not sure you’d find that appealing!

+ My fave Aussie blogger came up with a list of 35 things she’s learned about life in 35 years, and I agree with ALL of them… except maybe the kid one 😉

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Hey, did you know PYGMY HIPPOS WERE A THING?! Now you do & you can obsess with me!

Hey, did you know PYGMY HIPPOS WERE A THING?! Now you do & you can obsess with me!


Some Sunday Selections

I normally (er… used to normally?) hook up links to my blog during my www. Wednesday feature, but since I’m SO far behind, I figured I’d roll ’em all out here on this lazy Sunday. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve already been up for three hours listening to the Arctic Monkeys and planning blog entries.

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+ I LOVE short stories. There is something about them that is so special; here’s a list compiled by Refinery29 of 30 you need to read… bookmarked and ready to go over here!

+ My friend S posted or sent this McSweeney’s article to me forever ago, and it just knocked me off my feet. It’s a perfect picture of our mental health care system right now, as written by a lady writer whose been through it all. She’s also witty as hell, so read it if you like charming-as-hell writing.

+ Not that I know anyone like this (cough… me), but I’ll just leave this here for anyone who might understand the 11 struggles of being a highly sexual being.

+ Through pure chance, I am apparently a combination of two of my lady heroes’ body-type wise: KimK (hourglass) and Angelina (carrot), and I could not be happier. I also adore how many body types they address in this article. #Refinery29JunkieForLife

+ I will never tire of this highly paid teachers salary math problem floating around on the Internet. Spoiler alert: teachers are so, so, SO underpaid.

+ BLESS THIS POST: 15 things you don’t owe ANYONE.

+ Just sayin’, this dude ain’t a marriage counselor for nothing. He understands why women (or men) leave and/or cheat on the ones they love: lack of attention/gratitude/listening.

+ Because I miss it every day, here’s a compilation of 26 Office quotes that will make you laugh. There are thousands more if you just WATCH THE SHOW!

+ I was appalled to find that the Neutrogena products I’d been using for YEARS were exposed as being horrible for you/NOT WORKING this year, especially since I’m (for the most part) vigilant about sun exposure. EWG has an extensive list of sunscreens that actual work, while also being good for your body.

+ God, I hope this scientifically-proven method of decreasing procrastination works on my concrete-stubborn procrastination tendencies.

+ This beauty article makes me feel so validated about my brow tendencies. Here’s how to keep your brows on FLEEK… and get ’em there if you don’t feel satisfied yet 🙂

+ Please enjoy this puppy photo to brighten your day, or you know, make it brighter.

via jjae

via jjae

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Hopefully I’ve caught up enough to jump back into the www. Wednesday pattern later this week! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, lovies ❤

How-To: Things I Want to Learn

There are a lot of how-to’s I can already do, or sorta know how to do. This rendition, however, is a list of things I vie to know how-to and hopefully can share my learned skills with y’all along the way. And let’s be honest, share those super fails, too.

1. Sew. Let’s start with the basic button.

2. Recall how to tie a tie… because I used to be baller at it.

3. Handle the hardware aspects of home decor, like anchoring screws in the wall, etc.

4. Weaving for decorative purposes, like this awesome negative space piece!

5. Start making 75% of my beauty products at home, like these coconut oil products, and eventually sell them!

6. To get my damn lipstick to stop smudging.

What are your goals right meow? Let me know in the comments!

www. Wednesday

It’s back, it’s back! Link party below:

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+ Can I get an amen on this EliteDaily article about how you assholes keep calling us crazy, but really, you’re just dicks? K, thx.

+ You have to be deaf if you don’t like Ariana Grande. Proof in the Whitney Houston-cover pudding found HERE.

+ Because I’ve been sick (read: FATIGUED!) for so long, here’s a Buzzfeed article of all my eternally exhausted faces……. as told through DOG PHOTOS!

+ This perfectly describes how people who don’t vaccinate themselves or children sound to me… brava, Girl Pants!

+ i-D magazine compiled a perf vid of slang terms you need to know. You may think you’re above slang, but all us teachers will tell you: YA NEED. TA KNOW!

+ Since I’m in a slump right now, I figured we could all use this kid-approved list of 22 acts of kindness we can all easily pull off.

+ Also, if you’re feeling slump-ish, let’s all read Amazon’s 100 must-read books to escape, eh?

+ Realizing late in life I’m probably in this slump because I fall under 95% of these 11 traits of an Indigo child

+ A simple, yet comprehensive, list of traits all of us should have in a partner!

+ Overall, I think Iggy Azaela is problematic, but I think it she would focus more of her time acting like this–open and honest about plastic surgery aka WHY DON’T ALL CELEBS DO THIS?!–she could gain some respect and maybe start forging her own (non-problematic) path.


www. Wednesday

+ Some helpful tips on how to motivate yourself, or at least steps to take to BEGIN motivating yourself, over on The Nectar Collective.

+ Just in case you haven’t basked in the glory of the newest installment, here’s the third Marcel the Shell with Shoes On video for your viewing/life pleasure!

+ This post from one of my faves {a pair & a spare} about a DIY marble photo background inspired me to create some of my own versions of creative photo backgrounds for the blog. Pix/entry to come soon!

+ Another entry about blog-spiration, this time from World of Wanderlust since I’m trying so very hard to get my head back in the game!

+ So psyched about having this Superhero Movie Timeline so I can create all kinds of countdowns and parties. #fangirl

+ Science figures out the best way to learn all of Queen Bey’s dance moves, something I know we’re all yearning to do.

+ And finally, the Internet freaks out because a grown woman (KimKW) shows her body on the cover of Paper magazine. This was going to be a regular www. Wednesday, but as soon as I saw famous people and people I know–namely women–calling Kim out for her decision to pose for the magazine sans clothes, I knew I had to speak up. Are we serious? Are we only comfortable beating each other down? Whether it’s your aesthetic or not, Kim’s got a bod worth showing off, and it’s up to her if she lets us see it or not. Saying she’s someone’s mother as a way to rationalize your jealously and indoctrinated patriarchal views about sex? NOT OKAY. Women are allowed to be mothers AND be sexual. Women are allowed to do what they want with their bodies, period. P.S. I don’t know if you noticed, but on the shot of Kim from the back, I have spotted several of her psoriasis spots which means she did this at least somewhat sans Photoshop.


THAT’S BRAVE! Stick together, ladies. We have enough people telling us what to do with our bodies; let’s not do it to each other, k?

www. Wednesday

WEDNESDAY, WHUT UP, DAWG!? Hope y’all have had a good one. I’ll be traveling tomorrow for the rest of the week, but will have some entries queued up until Friday when I take my usual weekend blogging break. See y’all Monday!

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+ STOP EVERYTHING: The Evil Dead is returning a la TV series with the amazing OG’s involved. HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!

+ As if I weren’t hankering for some natural activated charcoal already, this blog about how it can be used as a natural teeth whitener pushed me over the edge. I wish I were joking. #charcoallife

+ In a study, psychologists prove that reading Harry Potter actually is its own form of magic. Read on to understand why…

This simple slideshow from Refinery29 is not only easy to read (and short if you’re low on time), but extremely helpful in assisting those of us who (still) suffer from acne in knowing what works and what doesn’t.

+ Honey. Mustard. Roasted. Cabbage. MUST TRYYYYY!!!!

+ Another brilliantly written piece about teaching. I highly recommend this one if you didn’t like my own version of it months ago; he says everything I wanted to say without my dry humor or bitterness! Thanks, Peter Greene.

+ Inspired Wikipedia searches by my recent horror flick binge: info on Project MKUltra (scary mind control experiment I didn’t know about… OR DO I?!?!) and the Dyatlov Pass Incident (which has been one of my favorite FUCKING HORRIFYING mysteries for like two years). << Trigger warnings galore, y’all… especially on Dyatlov.

+ Wanna see the cutest puppy to ever have been stung by a bee? I GOTCHU!


xo, Reyonce

www. Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!

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+ This link is a little selfish of me, but when I read fatmumslim’s blog entry about her feelings about the phone, I felt such an overwhelming sense of simpatico! I hope my friends now understand my weird phone habits/anxiety thanks to the words of a wonderful blogger. Ya know… other than me 😉

+ I can’t believe there are people in the world who think this kind of stuff is the right way to do business. Check out this phone call of a Comcast rep trying his damnedest to get Ryan Block NOT to cancel his subscription.

+ This piece in Esquire about the American attitude toward pit bulls is fascinating. The author, Tom Junod, even compares our thinking about the dogs to the way we think about things as a whole in America. Long, but totally worth it!

+ I could (and probably have) write about this “secret” epidemic plaguing the American people all day: painkiller/opiate addiction thanks to prescription pills.

+ An important discussion we ALL need to be having is started beautifully in this Refinery29 article about why it’s 100% okay to choose to NOT have children.

+ On the subject of children, you will love other people (even if you’re a misanthrope) after reading this article about a grieving family who made a simple request on reddit that turned into a beautiful cycle of giving.

+ Why racist and other bigoted terms should not have a double-standard.

+ Alright, enough of the heavy stuff. I dare you not to have a good day after you view these photos of dogs put inside a photo booth and left to their own devices.

+ Oh, and if you’re a Harry Potter fan, get yourself to reading these new entries about the 2014 Quidditch World Cup on And if you’re a HP fan without a Pottermore account, all I can say is…

via Sassy Gay Friend

www. Wednesday

+ I only recently found out about this phenomenon in shelters from my pop (who adopted a darling black mutt, his first since our beloved black lab), so I find this article both close-to-home and timely. ALL DOGS NEED LOVE!

+ Need a pep talk? Let Tyrese and his daughter give you one that’ll melt your heart… even if yours somewhat ashen like mine. 😉

+ These parents have the best sense of humor on the planet!

+ As the girlfriend of an avid motorcyclist, this phenomenon one man encountered after an accident both scares and intrigues me.

+ Levar Burton’s reaction to his fund for revamping Reading Rainbow hitting a mill. I don’t think I need to say any more.

+ YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM! Even if that dream is to hug a panda while testing luxury beds or something…

+ If you thought you were alone with your zombie apocalypse plan tucked safely under your pillow, know that you’re in good company: the Pentagon has one, too! #brains

+ This epic list of online learning resources makes DIY’ers like myself jump for joy. YES, I WILL TEACH MYSELF HOW TO SEW, THANKS!

+ A concise, yet hard-hitting article examining the impact of the act of gossiping. Though I am human and have definitely gossiped (mine’s always out of anger — rawr?), I try to stay away far away from it. It’s good to see that there is a movement at hand!

www. Wednesday

I went into the archives for some of these, and OH BABY, did it pay off! Enjoy these for now, ’cause I have some good ones on the deck for the next coupl’a weeks!

+ The most accurate post about baby names that make us want to punch (or at least vigorously shake) someone.

+ I have been obsessed with finding the perfect oil-cleaning regimen for my face and now own approximately 5 different types for different occasions. HERE ARE MORE TO ADD TO MY (AND YOUR) COLLECTION!

+ If you think you know what teachers do, you’re wrong. {Just like I don’t know what a bookkeeper does all day. Sit around, upset that they don’t actually get to be a keeper of a large library of delightful books?!? I HAVE NO IDEA!}

+ It’s no secret: if you’re from the South (specifically NC), and you don’t like David Sedaris, you’re not a true Southerner. Read this moving piece he wrote about his deceased sister. He’ll still find a way to make you laugh.

+ Mental health sufferers! Remember all those times someone said they didn’t believe you or they didn’t understand? GET THEM TO PLAY THIS GAME, aptly called “Depression Quest.” It’s an interactive video game that will make the naysayers see the light.

+ I have this list of 100 Reasons to Start Loving Yourself Right Now in my “Life” binder in my Inspiration Collection (something I’ll talk about at length here on the blog soon). It really is a good list of reminders, and it’s nice to see a lot of stuff on it that doesn’t normally show up on your typical “do this to get that” list o’ things.

+ Absolutely one of my favorite posts of all time: 27 Definitions to Words You Likely Never Knew Existed.

+ If you didn’t already know – ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD! – about my raging addiction to Welcome to Night Vale, please read this step-by-step process on how I got there. And now, the weather…