Beauty: Basic BB Contour

I’ll be frank: I’m not a make-up artist. I’m not even halfway there at all, but I adore my newfound love and interest of it that I discovered so late in life. In the process, I’ve kinda figured out what works for me and what doesn’t.

I’ve been experimenting with different contouring than usual lately. Sometimes it turns out weird, but other times it turns out awesome. For the most part, this Dr. Jart+ BB Kit has been so on point, because it contours without leaving my face looking like it’s covered in Carolina mud.

Step 1: Highlight. Left pic is rubbed in, right pic is how it all starts.Step 2: Shade. Left pic is a profile of how I normally shade both side of my face, but this can change depending on the occasion, right pic is blended into the skin (with slight edging into the highlight).Step 3: Neutralize. This is something I always did, but never knew what to call before Dr.J labeled it for me. It’s perfect for all the spots you need to fill in, as well as for areas where you need to blend a bit. Left picture is before, right is after of course.Step 4: Blend ERRYTHANG. Now, this particular set of photos captures how dehydrated my skin was that day after a long, loooooong night before, so this isn’t optimal quality at all. However, it at least shows how the contour can be toned down using whatever you want. I should have gone with a BB cream, but went with my BareMinerals. After I set it all and added the rest of the makeup (not pictured) it looked slightly more normal.Makeup is kinda my jam these days. And no, I’m not perfect, but damn if it isn’t fun using my face as an experimental canvas for all these awesome products we have at our disposal. Hope this helps any of you beginners out there like me! A basic contour can change YO’ LIFE.




Must-Have: All-In-One Makeup


Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

We’ve all heard of it. Less of us have tried it, but those of us who have, LOVE IT! It’s, like, $7-8 bucks at Sephora? I don’t remember. It’s CHEAP, though, because I bought this tin in August/September and am SO far away from having to get another. BONUS: It’s as natural as purchased makeup gets.

This salve adds instant moisture and shine (with a bit of a natural, pink tint) to your lips. The pro to this is it makes them POP aka look bigger. Loves it. BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART! When you’re done applying the smelly-good gel of the gods, you can rub in the leftover parts into your hands; I always aim for my cuticle of whatever finger I used to apply that morning. Bam, instant two-in-one!

But after a while, I was like “Hey, I can totally put this on my eyelids, too, right? To make them shine a bit, pop ’em out so I look more awake?” And though I was worried my lids would start sticking to my brow, of course, Rosebud delivered again. It was the perfect amount of shine and moisture without supergluing two separate parts of my face together.

Another morning, I forgot the highlight step in my on-the-reg contour job. I will skip steps here and there to save time, but that’s one I NEVER miss because it makes me look less like a homeless Rip Van Winkle. So I just glossed on the salve where I would have used my highlighter, and while it wasn’t as bright, it definitely made me look more awake. It caught the light as it was supposed to, and again, all without clogging pores or sticking facial parts together that don’t belong.

I bet there are a million other ways to use this gem of a makeup, and I haven’t found them all, but isn’t that the fun part? An $8 tin and the journey. Mm.

P.S. I used Rosebud to tame my flyaways one afternoon. Try iiiitttttt!

Lust List: For the Face

I’ve been really into beauty products lately as the winter months finally delve into their most frigid temps. Here’s what I’m truly lusting after for my visage this month!

1. Brazened Honey Mask // Lush

2. Supermud Mask // Glamglow

3. Liquid Lipstick // Anastasia Beverly Hills {ANY/ALL SHADES!}

4. Foaming Skin Polish Cleanser // Yu-Be

5. Facial Massage Brush // Shiseido

6. SkinCool Ice Roller // Hansderma

7. Soothe Night Cream // Colbert MD

8. Skin Cream // Egyptian Magic


Must-Have: Makeup Setter


I have long stated my distaste for waterproof makeup, as well as a non-matte finish on my face. I think the strain WP makeup puts on your skin when you scrub hastily to remove it isn’t worth it in the long-run, and anything that isn’t matte in life – liquid leggings excluded – just seems tacky. NO GLOSSY FACE FOR ME!

But, as all makeup wearers can testify to feeling the same, I got really damn tired of my eyeliner running down past my cheekbones and my mascara flaking off like some kind of evil face dandruff, so one day when I wandered into Sephora to re-up on my usual foundation, I grabbed some makeup setter in a travel size. I hadn’t done any prior research, so I just went with my own experience to pick out what brand I’d start off with;Make Up Forever has had some misses for me, but for the most part, they’re a hit brand for my face, so I started there, expecting not to be too impressed. I mean, I felt like the idea of spraying something WET onto something DRY to set it is bizarre. (I think I forgot about hairspray in my always-present cynicism.)

However, from the MOMENT I tried it, I fell so, so in love. Now I can wear my non-damaging, natural (sort-of) make up all day long AND keep it matte and moisturized thanks to this granddaddy of makeup setters. It smells good (to me; J hates it) and dries quickly. It’s also light on the face, and the cool mist is refreshing no matter what time of year or day.

I now have a massive bottle AND a travel bottle I never let leave my side. We’ll probably be together forever, just like the brand says.