www. Wednesday

Happy half-way through day, ladies and gents! Links for your perusing pleasure…

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+ As everyone here knows, I can get pretty political and impassioned when people are being wronged… but instead, I will just leave this gorgeous series of photos of the prayer chain in Charleston here, because I need–and maybe you to do–to focus on the positive for a while. It’s absolutely stunning what people can do when they work together.

+ A lot of people these days say reading is a waste of time, or boring, or insert other moronic excuse here. GOOD NEWS, LIT LOVERS: WE DA HAPPIEST!

+ I’m 114% positive I have thought this type of malpractice was going to happen to me before because I KNOW MY BODY, but doctors think I’m crazy. Doctors let this poor girl die because they didn’t take her seriously, and I am so proud of her mother for making a public effort to change that in the face of losing her gal. Brava, lady.

+ I’m intuitive and introverted (with a pesky outgoing personality), and this is why you think I’m totally bonkers.

+ Back to that whole book thing mentioned above: if you need a summer reading list, Refinery29’s got you! I also have a massive stack beside my bed I could roll-call for you, but I’m not sure you’d find that appealing!

+ My fave Aussie blogger came up with a list of 35 things she’s learned about life in 35 years, and I agree with ALL of them… except maybe the kid one 😉

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Hey, did you know PYGMY HIPPOS WERE A THING?! Now you do & you can obsess with me!

Hey, did you know PYGMY HIPPOS WERE A THING?! Now you do & you can obsess with me!


www. Wednesday

It’s back, it’s back! Link party below:

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+ Can I get an amen on this EliteDaily article about how you assholes keep calling us crazy, but really, you’re just dicks? K, thx.

+ You have to be deaf if you don’t like Ariana Grande. Proof in the Whitney Houston-cover pudding found HERE.

+ Because I’ve been sick (read: FATIGUED!) for so long, here’s a Buzzfeed article of all my eternally exhausted faces……. as told through DOG PHOTOS!

+ This perfectly describes how people who don’t vaccinate themselves or children sound to me… brava, Girl Pants!

+ i-D magazine compiled a perf vid of slang terms you need to know. You may think you’re above slang, but all us teachers will tell you: YA NEED. TA KNOW!

+ Since I’m in a slump right now, I figured we could all use this kid-approved list of 22 acts of kindness we can all easily pull off.

+ Also, if you’re feeling slump-ish, let’s all read Amazon’s 100 must-read books to escape, eh?

+ Realizing late in life I’m probably in this slump because I fall under 95% of these 11 traits of an Indigo child

+ A simple, yet comprehensive, list of traits all of us should have in a partner!

+ Overall, I think Iggy Azaela is problematic, but I think it she would focus more of her time acting like this–open and honest about plastic surgery aka WHY DON’T ALL CELEBS DO THIS?!–she could gain some respect and maybe start forging her own (non-problematic) path.


Gonnas: Horizontal Hiatus

While waiting for the imminent chiro appointment that this prolonged mystery in my back has spawned, I haven’t had anything to do. I haven’t had anything great to say because I haven’t been anywhere or done anything worthy of noting.

I could sit and ponder on some kind of topic that I could attempt to turn into an entry sort-of relevant to the mission statement of this blog, but that just hasn’t felt right. It felt like a better idea to let the days build up between entries to try and scrape a little more material out of them.
Guess what? That idea produced limited, if any, extra writing material. I stared at my feet a lot. I made my bed approximately 80 times. I haven’t seen another human being’s face in dayyyyyssss. I might as well buy a volleyball and give it a face and name.
If you really want an update, all I have to report is that I’ve been doing exactly the same thing I’ve been doing the past two entries. I did finish “Twin Peaks,” which could be some kind of not-so-important gonna, and now have moved on to movies! Books! More TV! TINA FEY HOSTING “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!”
Today, however, I will legitimately make it out of the house and get back on track with all my gonnas, thanks to a dinner invite from mi padre. I’m gonna do it, even if it hurts. (It’ll probably hurt.)
Speaking of pain, remember… your mom went through a (most likely) awfully painful labor to get you here. It was truthfully, probably the worst thing she ever experienced. Thank her with flowers and love today, you know, for not bailing out midway through.
If you want to give me some gonnas to do, email me at: