To the Women…

The drive home from my aunt’s house last night was full of laughter, my grandma and her daughters recounting the time she and Pop-Pop horrified them, using a ripped blouse as inspiration for a pre-date prank.

“Sometimes the Devil just gets inside of you, and you have to go for it!” Sassy Maggie said.

We laughed until we cried, and I just felt so warm inside, the visceral kind that reaches your toes and your bones simultaneously.

I had been surrounded by such strong women all day, women who have survived lost love, lost children, divorces, economic hardship, and the day-in, day-out patriarchal bullshit I’m still putting up with today. And luckily, because we’re strong, we’ve surrounded ourselves with men who build us up; men that know that if they don’t, they’ll be kicked to the curb because we have each other–the women–to pick up the pieces.

Our society is divided by race, sex, and religion more than ever, but I don’t see that in my blended, matriarchal family. And though I’m so thankful for the men in my life (aka some of the strongest feminists I know), and my friends, and my love, and my puppies, and the general blessings of a white, middle-class (i.e. PRIVILEGED) American, I’m still the most thankful when I look around the kitchen in my Grandma’s house in the stark light of a November morning and see women of three different generations relating over and over again. About drugs. About music. About family. About sitting inside together on Black Friday in support of a young man in Ferguson instead of shopping for more shit we don’t need. About making today about someone else.*

It doesn’t matter if we were born in 1921 or 1950 or 1987. Because women are the strongest when we sit together over coffee, realizing that no matter how we differ, we are stronger and better together.

I am so thankful for the women who taught me to rise above the status quo, to strive to listen, to be better, to help, to support, to never let a man sit you down in a corner and tell you “No, you can’t do that.”

And it fills me with joy when I see my cousin teaching his daughter the same things, and letting me teach them to her, too, with 100 percent trust that I have her best interest–as a human, but most importantly, a woman–at heart.


What women are you thankful for this year? I am proud of oh-so-many of us for breaking boundaries and building bridges this year!


* Well, I guess aside from this blog entry.


Gonnas: ADHD and Some Turkey

I’ve had a raging case of ADHD this past week, which I think I’ve developed over the years. It’s probably just lack of discipline and true inspiration. I still don’t really have any inspiration, at least not in the arena of this blog, but I’ll keep writing until something semi entry-like forms. That’s really the only way to get over this impediment.

All of my inspiring thoughts are going toward things I’m writing off this computer screen. (I could tell you about it, but I’d have to kill you.) It’s not like I’m really steamrolling that project either, but I do have a constant flow of ideas about it, whereas I pull up Blogger and stare at an empty text box for 30 minutes before frolicking off with my Pat Conroy book.

I’ve also been passed the immense task of designing the family Christmas card, and while I know that mi padre wouldn’t have asked me to do it if he hated my design work, I feel the pressure. Like David Bowie/Freddie Mercury pressure.

In addition to the immense pressures of an unemployed writer, I had to handle the news that NBC is taking “Community” out of their midseason lineup. I plotted a massive riot in the streets to prevent its cancellation. I prepared myself for war to the sounds of Donald Glover’s “Heartbeat.” I was ready to go down swinging and probably crying. The ugly kind of crying with mascara streaming down my face, you know? I still will if NBC reneges on their promise of keeping the comedy around, albeit in a really weird limbo.

So yeah, man. That’s what I’ve been doing. I guess you could say I’m gonna‘ing without a list, which is really the whole point of this project: to do stuff without having to remind myself that real people do real things.

I’m currently cleaning the house and laundering (clothes, not money) as I wait for my darling man to come home and my sister to come down off that mountain I miss so much. We’ll all be off tomorrow on Thanksgiving adventures, so I probably won’t write again until our return on Sunday… unless I get really champagne drunk on Thanksgiving Day.

I bid you all a Happy ‘It’s Okay to Get Fat Today’ Day! See you 5+ pounds from now.