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Happy half-way through day, ladies and gents! Links for your perusing pleasure…

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+ As everyone here knows, I can get pretty political and impassioned when people are being wronged… but instead, I will just leave this gorgeous series of photos of the prayer chain in Charleston here, because I need–and maybe you to do–to focus on the positive for a while. It’s absolutely stunning what people can do when they work together.

+ A lot of people these days say reading is a waste of time, or boring, or insert other moronic excuse here. GOOD NEWS, LIT LOVERS: WE DA HAPPIEST!

+ I’m 114% positive I have thought this type of malpractice was going to happen to me before because I KNOW MY BODY, but doctors think I’m crazy. Doctors let this poor girl die because they didn’t take her seriously, and I am so proud of her mother for making a public effort to change that in the face of losing her gal. Brava, lady.

+ I’m intuitive and introverted (with a pesky outgoing personality), and this is why you think I’m totally bonkers.

+ Back to that whole book thing mentioned above: if you need a summer reading list, Refinery29’s got you! I also have a massive stack beside my bed I could roll-call for you, but I’m not sure you’d find that appealing!

+ My fave Aussie blogger came up with a list of 35 things she’s learned about life in 35 years, and I agree with ALL of them… except maybe the kid one 😉

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Hey, did you know PYGMY HIPPOS WERE A THING?! Now you do & you can obsess with me!

Hey, did you know PYGMY HIPPOS WERE A THING?! Now you do & you can obsess with me!


Aaron Rodgers is a Terrible Quarterback (and Other Awful Opinions)

In between finishing my dad’s Christmas cards, decorating, cleaning out and setting up the entire basement, general Xmas prep, AND all the daily to-dos, I haven’t had much time to type out anything longer than five words over the past couple of days. Until I get some time, I give you Unpopular Rick Perry Opinions:
These are my personal favorites, but there are much more on the Tumblr on which they reside.
Oh, and if for some reason you haven’t seen that hellaciously offensive RP campaign ad, head to YouTube and add your thumbs down to literally the most disliked video on the Internet.
P.S. If I have to explain the last two Rick Perry Opinions, you are DEAD TO ME!
P.P.S. Not really, but Google that shit.